• Coliving operators had to chose between qualitative experiences or robust business models. Few were able to combine both.

  • Community builders were mainly community animators. Few knew how to create empowered communities with strong brand ambassadors.

  • Business models were copied from the coworking scene. Few learned to adapt in order to create solid businesses that can scale.

It's time to learn from the best.

After interviewing 200+ coliving organizations and professionals, the Art of Coliving brings together industry best practices, insights and frameworks to help you create outstanding coliving spaces and experiences.

This 436-page book is your guide to learn and master each aspect of true coliving experiences.


A journey of learning from the best.

Former coliving operator Gui Perdrix realized the transformational power of coliving. Yet, no large-scale operator was able to replicate life-enhancing coliving spaces at scale.

This led to one question: what are the processes and frameworks to create transformative and replicable communal living experiences?

After visiting more than 60 spaces, interviewing 234 coliving actors and hosting 33 events in 15 different countries, it was time to bring the knowledge together into one book.

  • Coliving Operators

    Whether current or future coliving founder, this book will help you craft a unique coliving concept, brand, experience and business.

  • Coliving Professionals

    Are you a coliving developer, architect, designer, tech provider or investor? Understand the trends and innovative practices shaping the industry.

  • Coliving Enthusiasts

    For those living and breathing coliving, this book will help you create a better lifestyle for you and your coliving community.

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