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The Art of Coliving (Book)

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The 436-page colored workbook, guide and companion to understand, think and create coliving. Free shipping included! 🙌

Learn everything about the coliving industry, how to run outstanding coliving spaces and best practices from around the world.

✅ Processes to build community

✅ Internal team processes

✅ Best practices in design and architecture

✅ Examples of brands that work

✅ Different ways to monetize your coliving

✅ Tools and technology to run your operations

Join hundreds of coliving operators, developers, investors and ecosystem players who decided to learn and practice the Art of Coliving methodology.

  • 12 chapters for each coliving pillar (concept, business models, architecture, community building, and more) with insights, frameworks and case studies
  • Made by involving and interviewing more than 200 coliving organizations
  • At-cost price to have highest impact on coliving industry

Shipment arrives within one week on average.
Printed in 🇫🇷 and shipped with 💙

Who is behind and in the book?

The Art of Coliving is brought to you by Gui Perdrix and Co-Liv, the non-profit association dedicated to educating and empowering the coliving movement.

The book is an initiative made possible by more than 230 coliving organizations and professionals who dedicated their time to sharing their knowledge and insights. You can find a list of contributing spaces on the images on the left side.

The research was made possible through our key partners Salto Systems, Vitanovae, Cutwork Studio, Entrecom, Spatial Experience, Conscious Coliving, and Art of Co.

Do you accept crypto?

Yes, we do. Just send us an email and we'll send you our wallet! You can choose between BTC, ETH and XRP.

Is there a Kindle or e-version?

Do you have discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, simply contact for orders of more than 10 copies!

We at Co-Liv can even bring your entire company on board of the Art of Coliving methodology and even do group innovation workshops.

Any questions? Contact us.